IMPORTANT RECALL INFORMATION for current owners of Custom residential elevators. Click here for the company statement on this issue.

Company Statement in Regard to CPSC Recall

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Custom Elevator, in cooperation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (“CPSC”), is voluntarily recalling for inspection/repair certain of its residential elevators manufactured since 2003. The recall concerns a safety hazard if the elevator is installed such that there is a hazardous gap between the exterior landing (hoistway) door and the interior elevator car door. Custom Elevator agrees with the CPSC staff referring to a ‘corrective action plan’ as a ‘recall’ since the public and the media recognize and respond more readily to that description.

A hazardous gap can occur if the installation of a residential elevator is not done properly and/or is not installed as required by applicable Code or if the Code requirements are not properly enforced. Moreover, even if an elevator is installed in accordance with the then current Code, such Code requirements may be updated after construction. Young children can become entrapped in a hazardous gap between the exterior door and the interior elevator door or gate. The installation of space guards will mitigate the exposure to children if they are permitted to play on elevators unattended.

Custom Elevator is a manufacturer of residential elevators. Custom Elevator does not install elevators nor does it manufacture or provide the elevator hoistway or landing doors. Nonetheless, Custom Elevator has decided to participate in the corrective action plan to work with the CPSC in educating the public and addressing the potential for injury or death of a child entrapped in a hazardous gap. In so doing, we hope others will continue to follow and correct the hundreds or thousands of residential elevators with similar code defects and violations.

What to do:
1. For information on obtaining free space guards, go to or call toll free 888-443-2800
2. All purchasers of our residential elevators are directed to the ASME A17.1-2016 standards that completely eliminate the risk
3. Continue to warn that children should never operate a residential elevator unaccompanied by an adult
4. Discourage the use of residential type elevators in rental properties or for public use

Company Statement

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The Custom Elevator family is deeply saddened by the tragic death of the 7-year-old boy that occurred on a residential elevator installed in a rental property in Corolla, North Carolina.  It is impossible to know the pain and suffering this family is experiencing.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of this young child.

We have little knowledge of what occurred.  The information we do have is primarily from media reports, including The Washington Post article stating that the elevator involved in this tragedy “was manufactured by Custom Elevator.”  The Washington Post reporter contacted our office for comment.  We are unable to meaningfully comment until a full and complete investigation of the incident. We can, however, share that our company is in the business of manufacturing and supplying elevator components that comprise a home elevator system. Several parts, including the outside entry door (hoistway door) to an elevator are typically supplied by local contractors.  Further, Custom Elevator is not involved with the installation of the elevator system.  As a manufacturer, our responsibility is to design and manufacture safe and effective elevators. Custom Elevator prioritizes safety with standards that meet or surpass governing laws and regulations.

As our responsibility does not extend to the installation of elevators, we cannot comment on whether our elevators are being installed properly and in accordance with applicable code.  That responsibility falls on those responsible for installing residential elevators.  Responsibility also falls on government officials who enact our laws and, in many jurisdictions, inspect the installation of elevators before issuing a certificate of occupancy.  Certain jurisdictions, including North Carolina, require rental properties to comply with all current applicable building and housing codes.  North Carolina follows ASME A17.1/CSA B44, which sets forth the current safety standards for elevators, including the placement of the hoistway elevator door when the elevator is being installed.  Many tragedies occur if the hoistway door is installed improperly or not in accordance with applicable Code. 

New Products

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Here to officially announce some new products that we have been offering for some time now, Custom Elevator now offers a direct drop-in replacement for the Cemco RV-100 valve and we also stock the Omron C20 processors for your aging Cemco controllers.  In addition, we carry many bottom-end replacement parts for the Cemco units (rollers, tape selectors, etc.).  Contact Bill Heller today for pricing and all other information regarding these products!

EDIT 03/16/16: We no longer stock replacement Omron processors as they have been discontinued by the manufacturer. Contact Bill Heller today for a quote on a controller modernization package!

New Website

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Welcome to the new and vastly improved!

We have added areas for our commercial replacement jack product line, updated our team contact information and even added the ability to request a quick quote for your residential elevator needs.  Our site is now also easier to navigate with all of your mobile devices.

We have many other projects in the works, including new and improved order forms for all of our product lines, fresh new media assets and also more frequent news updates.

Please let us know your thoughts on the redesign and any suggestions or requests that you may have!

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