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Company Statement

By July 21, 2021No Comments

The Custom Elevator family is deeply saddened by the tragic death of the 7-year-old boy that occurred on a residential elevator installed in a rental property in Corolla, North Carolina.  It is impossible to know the pain and suffering this family is experiencing.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of this young child.

We have little knowledge of what occurred.  The information we do have is primarily from media reports, including The Washington Post article stating that the elevator involved in this tragedy “was manufactured by Custom Elevator.”  The Washington Post reporter contacted our office for comment.  We are unable to meaningfully comment until a full and complete investigation of the incident. We can, however, share that our company is in the business of manufacturing and supplying elevator components that comprise a home elevator system. Several parts, including the outside entry door (hoistway door) to an elevator are typically supplied by local contractors.  Further, Custom Elevator is not involved with the installation of the elevator system.  As a manufacturer, our responsibility is to design and manufacture safe and effective elevators. Custom Elevator prioritizes safety with standards that meet or surpass governing laws and regulations.

As our responsibility does not extend to the installation of elevators, we cannot comment on whether our elevators are being installed properly and in accordance with applicable code.  That responsibility falls on those responsible for installing residential elevators.  Responsibility also falls on government officials who enact our laws and, in many jurisdictions, inspect the installation of elevators before issuing a certificate of occupancy.  Certain jurisdictions, including North Carolina, require rental properties to comply with all current applicable building and housing codes.  North Carolina follows ASME A17.1/CSA B44, which sets forth the current safety standards for elevators, including the placement of the hoistway elevator door when the elevator is being installed.  Many tragedies occur if the hoistway door is installed improperly or not in accordance with applicable Code.